The ALIVE Project

(Accessible Live Internet Video Education)

Music Education via Videoconference

 Artistic Directors

Allan Molnar and Stewart Smith

Visit the ALIVE Project Photo Gallery on this website to view photos from ALIVE Project education, performance and professional development sessions.


The goal of the ALIVE Project was been to link musicians and students from around the world via the Internet by using videoconferencing technology. By collapsing the distance between individuals and institutions and removing many of the obstacles (scheduling, travel, accommodation, etc.) it is now possible for students and teachers in remote locations to interact with the finest artists in the world who often tend to be located in large urban centers. 

Allan Molnar and Stewart Smith have been developing this project since 2004 by nurturing relationships with world-class musicians and training them in the use of current distance learning technology.


In-school Applications

The value of networking cannot be measured and the concept of connecting classrooms by way of video conferencing is very exciting.

Teachers sharing ideas, techniques and resources..... students meeting students in other schools, cities and countries. ALIVE encourages

students and teachers to develop the networking skills needed for success in today’s highly competitive world. Every teacher and many

students can even afford to use this technology at home!

The current focus of the ALIVE project is music education. Music provides an excellent model for the implementation of this idea because in addition to the rich educational value of the subject area, music is social, interactive and a “hands-on” discipline. We are building on this model by establishing connections with teachers from other disciplines. The possibilities are limitless.


 Music Lessons Come ALIVE!

ALIVE has utilized video conferencing technology to teach a wide variety of interactive music lessons. These lessons have included:

• Jazz Education

• classroom music sessions

• music rehearsals and coaching sessions

• traditional music and multimedia lessons of all kinds

Video Conference Music Workshop from NYC